Map: Family Guy House v1.2 for Minecraft

Someone did a Family Guy House, and it's awesome :)

Download Map v1.2 | v.1.1 | original post

It's Winter time in Quahog, join the Family Guy adventures beginning with the official house of the Griffins! Future updates will add more houses from Spooner Street, such as Cleveland, Quagmire, Herbert, and Jo's house. Future updates also bring a wide variety of jokes from the tv show. Be sure to comment and enjoy!

How to install:
 -Download the .zip file.

 -Extract the .zip file.

 -Place the new extracted folder in this place on your computer. 
 "C:/Users/Your Name/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves"

 -Rename the folder to either "World1", "World2" , " World3", "World4" , or "World5".

 -Open Minecraft, and choose the world you have renamed to & have fun!

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